YBR Theme Song

The Sound of Muna

by Dave Bloch
to the tune of My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music

Muna and Mani
Mocochá and Mama
Teabo and Tetiz
Peto and Penaba
Tixcacalcupul and old Mayapán
Beautiful places in our Yucatàn!

Uayma and Uman
Tixkokob and Teya
Hoctun and Homun
Sotuta and Seye
So many places with similar sounds
Was it Tekax or Temax we last walked around?

When the map’s wrong
When the road ends
When we’ve lost our way
We’ve actually done what we set out to do–
We found somewhere new today!

Tizimin, Buctzotz, Oxkutzcab, Tixkokob
Chikindzonot and Dzemul and Tzucacab
Tadzibichen and Dzoyaxche and Dzitas
A land full of Z’s from the long-ago Mayas!

Keep exploring
All those back roads!
Walk them, bike, or drive
Then come here and share them with all of your friends
It’s what keeps this group alive!