Route 1: A Back Road in our backyard

Take the main Progreso/Chicxulub highway 0.9km east from El Corchito and you’ll find two roads off to the right, one after the other.

This old road goes due south. You don’t have to go far to get great views of the ria, and if you’re lucky you could see lots of birds like the ones below:

UPDATE!! This trail is being replaced by the new Sendero Jurasico dinosaur park! As of March 2022 it is under construction and closed, so watch this space for information!

Just a few meters farther you’ll see these signs. They mark the trailhead for this 3.6km paved hike/bike trail (formerly the main highway).

You’ll see birds, and possibly flamingos, on this trail too!

This trail ends at the Chicxulub Puerto/Chicxulub Pueblo road, just south of the glorieta. (This could be a car-key-swap hike with two sets of hikers starting from opposite ends.)

MAP shows the starting point for both of these walks, 0.9km east of El Corchito on the main Progreso/Chicxulub Highway