Story 6: The Yaxnic-Dzoyaxche trail at last!

We finally made it back to actually walk this trail. We picked friends up in Dzoyaxche, drove to Yaxnic and parked at the trailhead. We all walked east, then parted and just the two of us walked the trail back.

The Yaxnic/Dzoyaxche Caminos del Mayab trail

The trail is totally flat and easy, although there are some rocky areas so good shoes are always a good idea. Coming from Yaxnic, there’s an intersection that is very easy to miss! It’s not the first trail off to the left, but the Caminos del Mayab folks have painted their blue logo on a rock in the ground. Very easy to see if you’re looking for it! Turn left there and just follow the trail to the end at the Cemetery.

If you miss that, no problem. You will end up hitting the street at the south end of Dzoyaxche. You can turn around and go back the way you came, or just turn left and walk up that street. You’ll reach the back walls of the Hacienda (VERY obvious). Turn left and walk toward the cemetery; you’ll see the very obvious trailhead. Refer back to our Story 1 for more about our first visit.