Story 2: Back Road Luxury

Hacienda Temozon — Hacienda Yunkú

Just because the road is narrow and you have to watch for chuckholes doesn’t mean you can’t have something luxurious in the middle of it.

Yucatán has some really high end restored-hacienda resorts hidden away. One of those is the Hacienda Temozón, a beautiful place which is now part of Marriott’s “Luxury Collection.” These 117 top-of-the-line resorts endeavor to maintain the culture and history of their location, making a hacienda a natural choice.

We visited Temozon to celebrate our anniversary, letting the Concierge know in advance the reason for our visit. That WhatsApp conversation garnered us an upgrade to a 1,000-square-foot (!) King Suite, a gift bottle of wine and fruit tray delivered to the room, and a surprise after-breakfast dessert the next morning. Our date happened to be the last night at summer off-season rates which saved about 30%. (The restaurant was also far less expensive than we expected; the menu is all traditional Yucatecan cuisine.)

The hacienda was practically empty of guests during our visit, although there was a special private dinner event in the evening on the back terrace of the original henequen processing building. We sometimes had the large, very long pool to ourselves; in fact, it was very easy to imagine ourselves as the owner of the whole place!

Included with your room is the opportunity to take a free walking tour with one of the staff. Our guide grew up in the village and worked at Hacienda Temozon when it was still growing agave and processing the henequen fibers, and he spent far more than the usual half hour showing us details and answering our many questions.

I have to note here that we heard very little English spoken by the staff, other than at the Concierge and front desk. But every single employee greeted us with a friendly “Buenos dias/tardes” and a smile in their eyes above the obligatory facemask.