Story 2: Back Road Luxury

Hacienda Temozon — Hacienda Yunkú Just because the road is narrow and you have to watch for chuckholes doesn’t mean you can’t have something luxurious in the middle of it. Yucatán has some really high end restored-hacienda resorts hidden away. One of those is the Hacienda Temozón, a beautiful place which is now part of … Read more

Story 1: Our first exploration

Dzoyaxche — Yaxnic — back roads south of San Jose Tzal and from there thru Tebec — Cenote Sambulá at Pebá This Website was inspired by our first try following the new Camino del Mayab, described on their home page (in Spanish) as “a network of more than 100 kilometers of beautiful and ancient paths … Read more