Story 7: Hacienda Kampepen

This hacienda is located just a short drive (or mototaxi) from the town of Homún, which is the center of quite a network of small ecotourism cenote sites. We arrived at about 11AM, and only the staff was there, no visitors. Coming in the morning (they open at 10AM) is highly recommended–you’ll see in the … Read more

Story 6: The Yaxnic-Dzoyaxche trail at last!

We finally made it back to actually walk this trail. We picked friends up in Dzoyaxche, drove to Yaxnic and parked at the trailhead. We all walked east, then parted and just the two of us walked the trail back. The trail is totally flat and easy, although there are some rocky areas so good … Read more

Story 5: Lepán and Cenote Ch’a Chaac

This story deserves the subtitle “One Trail, Three Eras” Our visit to the Circuito Ecoturistico de Lepán started with a bit of confusion. Google Maps has its location at the actual cenote site, and therefore gives directions to the closest location you can reach by road, followed by a short walk. Unfortunately, that route takes … Read more

Story 4: Grutas Calcehtok & Cenote San Ignacio

(This is the original Facebook post. This is really a picture story, so we tell it in Flickr; read what’s here and then click a link below!) Grutas Calcehtok On our way to visit Cenote San Ignacio, we decided to first stop at some caves about 30-minutes further south near a village called Calcehtok. Called … Read more

Story 3: Back to the Bio Parque and Dzoyaxché

This is a private nature reserve purchased by a small group of Meridanos about 30-years ago. One of the owners, Carlos, and his wife, were there to greet us and tell us a bit of the history of the project. We called ahead to Bioparque Pak’al K’aax to make sure there would be someone there … Read more

Story 2: Back Road Luxury

Hacienda Temozon — Hacienda Yunkú Just because the road is narrow and you have to watch for chuckholes doesn’t mean you can’t have something luxurious in the middle of it. Yucatán has some really high end restored-hacienda resorts hidden away. One of those is the Hacienda Temozón, a beautiful place which is now part of … Read more

Story 1: Our first exploration

Dzoyaxche — Yaxnic — back roads south of San Jose Tzal and from there thru Tebec — Cenote Sambulá at Pebá This Website was inspired by our first try following the new Camino del Mayab, described on their home page (in Spanish) as “a network of more than 100 kilometers of beautiful and ancient paths … Read more